The Michigan Vaccine Freedom PAC is dedicated to protecting vaccine choice. We do this by ensuring that the value of choice remains at the forefront of political discourse, drafting pro-choice and health freedom legislation, and promoting both candidates and incumbents who strongly support our values.


Kristin, Nurse


I believe in the benefit of vaccinations and fully vaccinate my children, except for the flu shot and the HPV vaccine. I never felt comfortable sticking to the schedule and giving as many as 6 vaccines at one visit. Therefore, I delayed some vaccines and spread them out over time and my doctor supported my decision. There should not be a one-size-fits-all approach to vaccinating. Every child is different and has different needs, and parents are best equipped to make these decisions. I value my right to make these choices for my children. Freedom matters to me.

Meredith, Business Owner

Bloomfield Hills

Doctors and immunologists have associated vaccines with the over-stimulation of the immune system, which can trigger or worsen auto-immune diseases. Knowing my health history and that of my family members, I choose not to further stimulate my already over-active immune system and risk another chronic illness. While I understand that some believe that vaccines are a good choice for them, they have been proven not to be a good choice for me. Freedom matters to me.



We surveyed 2016 political candidates in Michigan to learn whether or not they support vaccine choice, legislative oversight of government agencies, and vaccine rights for employees. 



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